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I need an old priest and a young priest... or at least a backhoe...

For the first time in way, way, way too long, I am going through all of my stuff and tossing everything I don't want (and even some that I do, but I just don't need to keep). So what's the occasion?

I'm moving to Cleveland, OH by the end of the month. Into a small apartment.

Mom's giving me a loan to cover 6 months' rent (plus a scant extra) but I'm hoping to find work quickly so I can support myself. New York's been ok, but it's time for me to close this chapter on my life and start a new one.

Once I'm gone, Mom's going to focus on clearing out her stuff as well. Once she comes back from Florida, she's selling the house and finding her own apartment.

*grabs some holy water to deal with the 70's - 80's clothes in the closet*
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Buffaling off to Shufflo

To my Buffalo friends,

Once again, I will be in town Father's Day weekend for the New York Special Olympics Summer Games, being hosted at UB. Like last year, I won't be able to go visit anyone, as I will be playing coach and chaperone for the athletes on my team. But, like last year, you are welcome to come to UB to say hello.

I'll arrive Friday and will likely be staying in one of the Ellicott Complex dorms like last year. I won't be able to talk to you then, but if you want to go to Opening Ceremonies, you'll get to see me parade in with all of the athletes.

Saturday will be spent at the UB Stadium for the track and field events. I'll probably get to the stadium by 8am and will be there until 2-3pm (or as late as 4pm if I'm unlucky to have athletes in late events). If you want to say hi, come by. If I'm not in the stands, then I'll be in the Olympic Village (which would be outside the entrance to the stadium) or on the field. If you think you might do that maybe, let me know. I'll give you my cell number (if you don't have it already) so you can call me or text me if you can't find me.

No biggie if you can't or don't want to stop by. It's just an FYI.

Info about the NYSO Summer Games can be found at
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A flooded kitchen from a broken dishwasher is not something one wishes to encounter when they wake up during the night.

Just saying.
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What a clusterf--k!

What a week it's been.

As I mentioned, my father passed away last Monday. Due to the disaster that was Hurricane Sandy, I haven't have heat/power since Monday night. I'm writing this from the house of a friend of the family who has power (2 blocks away from my house). We had to postpone the funeral for my father till last Friday, and many people could not attend due to the carnage blocking their ability to get anywhere or the shortage of gas stranding their cars.

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The end of a road I never wanted to walk along

I haven't spoken about this in a while, but my father has cancer. He was diagnosed 4 years ago, and we thought we were going to lose him 2 years ago. He made a remarkable recovery and we had 2 great years with him.

This past July, those 2 years came to an end. My father started getting weaker and weaker. We tried chemo again, but he again had awful reactions to it and it wasn't doing anything positive. So we prepared for the end.

The end is now. My father's basically non-responsive at this point. Hospice is doing a wonderful job, but at this point we are down to days to perhaps a week (or longer if my dad keeps fighting. He's always been a fighter).
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*head scratch*

It never ceases to amaze me how people can just ignore what they're told because they want something to be true.

I get it with matters of religion and faith. It comes with the territory. Not talking about that.

I mean with things quite mundane. In this case, the W20 Kickstarter in my previous post. People have asked if there will be Mind's Eye Theater rules in the book, or if they could be made available as a stretch goal.

MET Wanters: "We want MET rules!"
Informed Backers: "Onyx Path doesn't have the rights to publish MET material." "Onyx Path said in their panel at Gen Con that they don't have the rights. They said it again at Atlanta by Night. They even said that someone else is bidding on getting the rights to publish them." "Here's the link to the audio of the panel at Gen Con when they said it."
MET Wanters: "Until we hear something official, we won't believe it." (Note: Audio at Gen Con panel is Onyx Path Publishing's Owner saying they don't have the rights to publish MET)
Onyx Path Publishing's OWNER: "No, we don't have the rights to MET." "We thought about getting the rights and publishing them, but we'd have to sort out which rules, fix them, etc. We don't have the team for it right now and the MET rules deserve a team that will do them justice." "We won't be including MET rules in W20." "Maybe we'll try for the rights at some point, but not for this project."
MET Wanters: "But we want them. Put a team on developing them now so we can have them!"

*sighs* People are people...
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Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter

Hey peeps,

White Wolf's doing a Kickstarter for people to get a Deluxe version of the upcoming Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition. Well, in 12 hours, they already hit their $85,000 goal . With 29 days to go, they're now working on their stretch goals ($1500 to the first one).

Takes a bit of cash to get the hard copy of the book, but for lower amounts, you can get a PDF... and your name (or a character's name) in the book as a supporter.

If you're a fan of W:tA, or just curious of what they're offering, take a look.

The Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition - Deluxe Edition
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