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UBCon insanity

So it seems that the organizers of UBCon this year failed to comprehend the concept of "people need time to get and eat food, especially GMs." And set up time. And advertising. And that there are non-locals attending. It's looking like the last disaster all over again.

The schedule is a mess. There are three events that start before the convention does. Three events start at 4pm (the reg desk has never opened before 5pm, and there's always a long line). The whole schedule is out of chronological order (it's in the order that events were entered into the system, the best I can tell). There's only three events on Sunday, period. And the registration form refers to slots (A, B, C, D, E, F) that the schedule doesn't have (Friday, 8PM - 12PM). Since some events are two hours, others four, and some six, with irregular start times and some overnight... well, it just doesn't mesh.

Regardless, I've registered for 34 hours of programming (which I'll probably only attempt 24 - 28 hours of).


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