ramius_rathorne (ramius_rathorne) wrote,

How much would you spend to help save a life?

I am asking your support for a worthy cause. In honor the memory of Louis Acompora, who died suddenly while playing the sport he loved, "12 for Life NYS" is trying to raise money to purchase AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) for special needs homes. As these AEDs will be registered with 911, should a person have a heart attack near one of these homes, 911 will inform the caller that an AED is available. Our staff is trained in their use, as well as in CPR, and will be able to use the AED to help save the person's life until the first responders arrive.

Though any donation would be appreciated, we are asking for $12. 12 was Louis Acompora's jersey number and 100 such donations will allow us to purchase 1 AED.

I am supporting three fundraising teams in this campaign:
FREE - Hospital Rd
FREE - Sipp Ave
FREE Lightning (my agency's Special Olympics team - this AED will be brought to Special Olympics events by one of our coaches, such as myself)

You can donate on my sponsorship page or you can donate directly to one or more of my teams. Please help however you can.
Tags: aed, lifesaver, worthy causes

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