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I-Con wasn't the same without thegamemistress, lostsatyr, and jesshartley. You were all missed, greatly.

So, for the first time since 2005, I attended I-Con without friends. I missed swapping panel stories and other assorted experiences, so you all get to hear mine. Deal with it!

Managed to get to the campus at 4p. The pre-reg line was thankfully short at that point, so when things opened at 4:30p, the wait wasn't that long. Unfortunately, the Dealer's Room didn't open that quickly, so I had to wait till later to visit. grabbed some dinner though. Mmm... Shrimp Scampi pizza...
Who's Wand is it Anyways? - Seventh Years Edition - Dumbledore's Army
Not bad for improved humor. We were told that we could head into the R/NC-17 area, but the players were very hesitant. The most risque we got was during "Scenes from a (Witch's) Hat." Thank you audience for your dirty minds. :)
Dealer's Room
Got some shopping done for thegamemistress and lostsatyr.  I had fun chatting with the dealer for Red Tie Products and Off World Designs, as well as Keith DeCandido and Russ Colchamiro. Picked up a new Serenity shirt, a copy of Colchamiro's Finders Keepers (as well as a duck), and the Farscape: Strange Detractors comic by DeCandido, signed by both.
White Wolf Q&A - E. Webb & M. Webb
Heard a bit about the Vampire the Masquerade: Twentieth Anniversary Edition and changes going on at White Wolf, including E. Webb's recent promotion.
Harry Potter and the Magic of Hentai - Dumbledore's Army
An 18+ panel. Dedicated to adult imagery and slash prose related to Harry Potter. Including a Giant Squid/Hogwarts slash story. Yeah, was just that disturbing.
Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast - The Unconventional Conventionalists
I was very impressed. One of the best floor shows I've seen. Very professional. I'm going to have to go to their other shows this summer.

What Makes a Great Villain - K. DeCandido, Denise Crosby, C. Berman, A. Rosenberg, T. Brevoort, and other panelists who I can't recognize
Very interesting, Some good points made. Not much else to say. :p
Behind the Shadows of Shadowcasting - The Unconventional Conventionalists
A panel on shadow casts for RHPS and how the UCC do their thing.
Lunch/Dealer's Room
Lots of strolling. No buying though.
The (Porno)Graphic Novel - J. Crawford, L. Rozakis, M. Brown, and a panelist not named
Basically the history of the graphic novel and a talk about adult themes that have appeared in some. Lost Girls and Watchmen were discussed. Also a talk about the difference between pornographic novels (for men) and erotic novels (for women).
Celebrity D&D - A. Rosenberg, C. Banks, F. Mentzer, G. Strayton, plus two other celebrities and a guest player from the audience (what? I wasn't taking notes...)
Not bad for a first session. Old School D&D. An interesting quest. Lots of humor. I hope this becomes an annual event. Got some good swag, including another duck. (Yay duck!)
Writing in a Setting that Fans Know Better than You - K. DeCandido
DeCandido has some great stories to tell. Especially when it's obvious that an author has never been to a city they're writing in.
Most Dangerous Anime: Too Dangerous for the Underage
Clips from various anime with hyperviolent leads with a mix of corny-awful blended in. The only title I remember is MD Geist.

Dealer's Room
Picked up some games. 'Nuff said.
A History of the Rocky Horror Picture Show - The Unconventional Conventionalists
What's on the box.
D&D Edition Wars - E. Webb
A White Wolf employee running a panel on D&D. Yeah. It was good. Mostly a talk about how people need to get a grip on dealing with the differences between editions and that other people won't like the edition they like.

A few panels I wanted to attend in the afternoon were canceled. With nothing really exciting me at this point, I headed back to the Dealer's Room for one last walkthrough before closing my I-Con 30 experience.

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