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I-Con 31

So another I-Con has come and gone. How was it? Glad you asked! (what? you didn't ask? I thought I heard you...)

Thanks to I-Con having early pick up of badges the week prior, I was able to skip the horror that is the pre-reg line.
Panels attended
Stepping through the Stargate - A panel on Stargate and its various incarnations, run by Docking Bay 516 (local Star Wars fan group turned general Sci Fi fan group)
Gaming Guest Meet and Greet - Got to meet Cam Banks, George Strayton, Julie Ann Dawson, Mat Hawkins, Meguey Baker, Mike Tresca, and Timothy Hutchings. An overview of gaming, what they're all doing, and their thoughts in general.

I took a break for dinner, then went back to attend:

Sex in Comics - Glenn Hauman and Mark Mazz led a discussion about how sex has been portrayed in comics, starting with the recent trend in Archie comics before discussing comics such as Empowered, Ultimates, The Walking Dead, Authority, Y, the Last Man, Buffy, Brat Pack, Catwoman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and American Flag.
I wrapped up the night with  H.P. Lovecraft in Gaming - Mike Tresca and two other panelists (I came in late and missed their intros) discussed H.P. Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu, and its ilk.

Panels attended
Celebrity RPG - Cam Banks ran an introduction to Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game with the help of Aaron Rosenberg, George Strayton, Mike Tresca, Meguey Baker, Julia Ellingboe, and a lucky member of the audience. Playing various heros of the Marvel Universe, a fun time was had by all. I picked up the game from Mr. Banks.

Lunch and a trip to the Dealer's Room followed, where I picked up some requested dice. Though I went back a few more times, this was the only purchase I made in the Dealer's Room, so it'll be the only mention.

Girl Gamers - Meguey Baker, Julia Ellingboe, Julia Ann Dawson, and Jenifer Rosenberg led the panel. The usual fare for such a panel, mainly focused on the shift in RPGs and what it's like dealing with idiot men who can't handle women in gaming. I picked up a copy of Psi Run (by Meguey Baker) which appears to be a fun game where you have psychic powers and amnesia (and what could possibly go wrong with that combination?).
Most Dangerous Anime - Ok. I don't even know what I saw there. It hurt my brain.
Ecchi! Can They Really Do That in Anime? - Anime that pushed the boundaries, with lots of panty shots, implied and total nudity, explicit description of sex acts, and a breast car.
Anime Game Show Super Show: Card Sharks and Press Your Luck - Anime question themed game shows.
Most Dangerous Anime: 18+ Edition - Excerpts from Blood-C and MD Geist

Panels attended
Firefly Discussion - Docking Bay 516 led a discussion about Firefly and Serenity
Writing in Someone Else's Universe - Charles Gannon, John Peel, Keith DeCandido, and Neal Levin answered questions about, and shared stories regarding media they've written in universes that they did not create.
I-Con 2013: Major Changes Coming! - This panel was actually cancelled, but an impromptu unofficial discussion happened outside the room. The short form is that next year, I-Con will be held at Hofstra University rather than SUNY Stony Brook due to construction.
Harry Potter Discussion - Docking Bay 516 led a discussion on Harry Potter, the relationships therein, the issue of mortality, and the nature of Voldemort and Harry Potter.
The History of RPGs and What You Can Do to Help - Timothy Hutchings and Maguey Baker led a panel talking about the historical significance of RPGs and Mr. Hutchings push to collect RPG items for PlaGMaDA (The Play Generated Map and Document Archive) to preserve and make available for future study various documents from the creation and playing of various games. Also what people can do to contribute to PlaGMaDA.
Lord of the Rings Discussion - Docking Bay 516 led a discussion about the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (both the books and movies) as well as the upcoming movies based on The Hobbit.

And that, as they say, was that.

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