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Buffaling off to Shufflo

To my Buffalo friends,

Once again, I will be in town Father's Day weekend for the New York Special Olympics Summer Games, being hosted at UB. Like last year, I won't be able to go visit anyone, as I will be playing coach and chaperone for the athletes on my team. But, like last year, you are welcome to come to UB to say hello.

I'll arrive Friday and will likely be staying in one of the Ellicott Complex dorms like last year. I won't be able to talk to you then, but if you want to go to Opening Ceremonies, you'll get to see me parade in with all of the athletes.

Saturday will be spent at the UB Stadium for the track and field events. I'll probably get to the stadium by 8am and will be there until 2-3pm (or as late as 4pm if I'm unlucky to have athletes in late events). If you want to say hi, come by. If I'm not in the stands, then I'll be in the Olympic Village (which would be outside the entrance to the stadium) or on the field. If you think you might do that maybe, let me know. I'll give you my cell number (if you don't have it already) so you can call me or text me if you can't find me.

No biggie if you can't or don't want to stop by. It's just an FYI.

Info about the NYSO Summer Games can be found at http://nyso.org/statesummer.php.
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