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My corner of the 'Net

21 March 1973
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I can't describe myself in words. I have a problem visualizing myself in text.
1980s, 80's music, amber, amberites, anime, barenaked ladies, biking, black spiral dancers, books, camping, canadian rock, changeling: the dreaming, chaosians, chrononauts, cj carella's witchcraft, comic books, comics, computers, cosmic coasters, courts of chaos, ctd, cybertron, democracy, democratic party, doctor who, dr demento, dragons, dungeons and dragons, dvds, dwarves, eden studios, elves, eureka, fantasy fiction, farscape, filk, firefly, fluxx, gaming, glass walkers, godzilla, greek mythology, gurahl, hengeyokai, hiking, hobbits, i-con, inara serra, j.r.r. tolkien, john crichton, kaiju, kaylee frye, kodt, least i could do, looney labs, lord of the rings, lotr, m*a*s*h, mad lab rabbits, malcolm reynolds, megatron, mokole, monty python, music, mythology, nanofictionary, nockers, nodwick, optimus prime, peter jackson, phil foglio, pooka, ps 238, psychology, pvp, pyramids, queen of wands, raymond feist, riftwar, river tam, roger zelazny, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpgs, satyrs, sci-fi, sci-fi cons, science fiction, scorpius, serenity, serpentwar, shadow lords, sidhe, silver fangs, simon tam, sluggy freelance, something positive, star trek, stargate, stargazers, the west wing, transformers, treehouse, trolls, twisted kaiju thearer, ub sarpa, ubcon, ubercon, ubsarpa, unicron, unisystem, vampires, volcano, webcomics, werewolf, werewolf: the apocalypse, werewolves, wheel of time, white wolf, wod, world of darkness, wta, x-men, xxxenophile, zendo, zoe washburne